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An arrest in Florida can have a permanent impact on your life, including employment and education, even if you are not found guilty, adjudication is withheld, or the charges against you are dismissed. If you find or believe your arrest record in Florida will hold you back and you have not been found guilty of a crime, the professionals at LAW are happy to help you seal or expunge your criminal record.

Matters where you have been arrested and charged, but adjudication is withheld, may be eligible to be sealed. Sealing your record means it is removed from public record.

Matters in which you were arrested and charged, but the charges against you were dismissed may be eligible for expungement if you have never been adjudicated guilty for any other charge. Expungement is another way of removing the information from public record.

To learn more and discuss with a Florida attorney whether your criminal record may be sealed or expunged, contact LAW today for a consultation.

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